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Kugayama Reki does a fantastic job of making a manga adaptation of creator Kurokata’s 2014 gentle novel The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic. The story introduces three highschool teenagers abruptly teleported to a fantasy kingdom to defend the realm from the advances of the Demon Lord. Nevertheless, solely two of the scholars have been focused by the summoning spell. Poor Ken Usato merely occurred to be subsequent to them and bought sucked up by the spell by chance. Nevertheless, whereas his classmates Kazuki and Suzune are imbued with fight magic, Usato learns that he’s a uncommon exception granted highly effective therapeutic magic. So he’s actually dragged into service within the kingdom’s “rescue crew” of battlefield medics.

The unique gentle novel is arguably a fantasy comedy though it reads extra like a typical isekai fantasy journey that features gentle humor. The story is rarely critical, however it’s additionally by no means particularly hilarious. Sadly, most of its humor is each cliché and predictable. No less than manga artist Kugayama Reki livens up the unique prose a bit with vivid illustration and concise modifying. The unique character designs by KeG, based mostly on creator Kurokata’s minimal descriptions, are moderately bland. Fortunately, the manga provides some visible element that the unique prose lacked. Kugayama’s illustrations have fairly a cinematic presentation, intentionally utilizing shading, perspective, and visible angles to make the mundane story extra visually kinetic. Kugayama additionally broadens the visible palate, when attainable, often including visible background gags to emphasise the story’s comedy.

Furthermore, Kugayama properly trims among the boring redundancy from the unique prose novel, permitting the manga’s storytelling to really feel extra purposeful. Nevertheless, the manga can’t solely escape the weaknesses of its supply. The 195-page first manga quantity adapts the primary three-quarters of the unique gentle novel, so this fantasy journey manga comprises just one motion scene. The manga contains references resembling Rose saying, “I used to be gonna allow you to go away on the seventh day till I noticed ya doin’ cool sh*t,” besides Usato didn’t really do something in any respect, cool or in any other case. Equally, Usato says, “Possibly I leveled up in spite of everything these fights within the forest,” though he didn’t struggle a number of occasions within the forest, or wherever else, for that matter. And furthermore, supporting characters Kazuki and Suzune get relegated to such marginal standing that the reader might be forgiven for forgetting that they even exist.

Kugayama Reki’s static illustrations are fairly engaging; nevertheless, illustration of speedy movement and motion scenes tends to be a bit complicated.

The official English translation of the manga comprises the manga’s first six chapters. The interpretation retains honorifics and features a few cases of grownup language and a few transient, bloody violence. As typical with modern translations, visible sound results are in Japanese with delicate in-frame translation. The manga comprises no intercourse or nudity.

Readers approaching the primary quantity of the Flawed Strategy to Use Therapeutic Magic manga companion could also be nicely served to know prematurely that the ebook is solely an introduction. The primary quantity of Kugayama Reki’s manga introduces the story’s preliminary set of main characters and introduces the preliminary situation however does little extra. As a single quantity, the primary ebook isn’t particularly rewarding or satisfying. It’s mildly humorous, however it lacks each journey and motion, and virtually nothing of any significance occurs. However the ebook could also be a useful set-up for subsequent volumes. And, if nothing else, the manga is pretty engaging trying.


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