What happened to Amari Cooper

What happened to Amari Cooper

The Dallas Cowboys are going to be without a familiar face on the field Sunday night against the Buccaneers

Veteran receiver Amari Cooper will be suiting up for the Cleveland Browns Sunday,

What happened to Amari Cooper? In two words: Cap casualty. Cooper signed a five-year, $100 million contract with the Cowboys in 2020 that the team didn't feel comfortable keeping on the books.

Trading Cooper incurred a cap hit of $6 million for the Cowboys, whereas keeping him would have brought a $22 million hit.

The Cowboys were already at the mercy of a few big contracts, such as Elliott ($18.22 million in 2022), DeMarcus Lawrence ($14 million), Zack Martin ($12 million), and Dalton Schultz ($10.9 million).

Cutting Cooper loose saved the Cowboys money while also not hurting them as much positionally as trying to move on from one of those other players.

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